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Jewelry Cleaning Cloths to Keep Your Collection Looking Shiny & New

Whether you’re an avid fine jewellery collector or simply have a taste for affordable fashion pieces that are super prone to tarnishing, cleaning, and polishing your jewellery on a regular basis is the key to ensuring that your favourite rings, bracelets, necklace, and pins last a lifetime. We often overlook the fact that dust, grime, and residue from our lotions, perfumes, and hand creams can taint our favourite pieces leaving precious stones, sterling silver, and gold-toned metals looking rather dull and lacklustre. When jewellery becomes clogged with everyday impurities, these pieces lose their shine and brilliance, but fortunately, with the regular use of jewellery cleaning, you can help maintain the life span and lustre of your favourite pieces.

However, when cleaning and polishing your jewellery, it’s important to take special precautions to avoid damage. Using an abrasive fabric or a solution that’s not specifically formulated to be used on silver, gold, metals, gem, and diamond can lead to scratches, cloudiness, and discolouration. Jewellery cleaning cloths are the most fool-proof way to clean your jewellery. Scroll through below to check out some of our favourite solutions to try for yourself.


These gentle yet effective jewellery cleansing clothes are suitable to use on a variety of different jewellery types, including sterling silver and platinum gold. The suede microfiber fabric prevents scratches to the surface—even on your most delicate fine jewellery pieces.



This set of two cotton polishing cloths helps to remove tarnish to restore shine without risking scratches or surface damage to gems and stones. These cloths are designed two sides: one for cleansing and tarnish removal and the second for enhancing shine and luminosity.


This ultra-soft cleansing cloth restores jewellery without using water or a liquid solution. The damage-proof cleaning cloths are designed with an anti-tarnish barrier to help make your favourite jewellery pieces look brand new again.

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